For a film that’s garnered so much press coverage as its star Brad Pitt has been seen shooting in such locations as Malta, Falmouth, and now Glasgow, the one thing we’ve so far seen nothing of on the set of World War Z are any actual zombies. That changes today with our first glimpse of this blockbuster movie’s interpretation of the undead … well, kind of anyway.

What we’re not seeing just yet are any zombies lumbering through the streets of Glasgow, which have been redressed to resemble the city of Philadelphia. Instead, what these latest pictures show are some prop dummies made up to look like rotting zombie carcasses. On this basis, the most obvious sign of the Solanum virus that causes the dead to rise in the film is a dark blue discolouration around the mouth. Not pretty, I think you’ll agree.

In much the same way that the dead thrive on eating living flesh, recent successes such as Zack Synder’s Dawn of the Dead remake and the television series The Walking Dead, as well as the enduring appeal of George A. Romero’s classics of the genre, are proof that audiences just can’t get enough zombie action at the moment. The Marc Forster directed World War Z, based on the acclaimed novel by Max Brooks, hits cinemas in December 2012.

(via Ain’t It Cool)