We’ve been given the task, nay, honour of debuting the trailer for G2’s new movie, Dragon Eyes starring Jean Claude Van Damme to the world! To say that the trailer is intense is rather an understatement as it features various fist fights throughout pretty much the entire 1 minute and 42 seconds that it runs!

Dragon Eyes is released on DVD and Blu-ray 9th April and as well as the legendary Van Damme, stars Robocop himself Peter Weller alongside Cung Le, Dan Henderson, Trevor Prangley and Gilbert “EL NI ÑO” Melendez.

St. Jude Square is a neighbourhood living in fear as duelling drug gangs and corrupt police terrorize the streets… until hope arrives in Hong (CUNG LE – FIGHTING, TEKKEN, PANDORUM ), a mysterious stranger who after release from prison decides to take a stand and fight back. Using his unparalleled martial arts skills and calling on the teachings of his ex-cell mate mentor Tiano (JEAN -CLAUDE VAN DAMME – UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, TIMECOP ) Hong begins his savage campaign for justice, taking on the brute force of the gangs and the notorious corrupt police chief Mr V (PETER WELLER – ROBOCOP, 24 and the upcoming STAR TREK 2013 ).

A heavy handed barrage of bare knuckle street fighting and mixed martial arts, that also features UFC stars Dan Henderson, Trevor Prangley and Gilbert “EL NI ÑO” Melendez, Dragon Eyes comes to DVD & Blu-ray 9th April.

To pre-order the movie, click here or find out more on the official Facebook page.