If you, like me, were surprised at how much you enjoyed the trailer for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows then it may be because it appears that Burton is finally returning to the promise of his earlier works and has created another fun slice of gothic pie for us all to enjoy.

The trailer (if you’ve not seen it then check it out here) was accompanied by a new poster and seeing the characters lined up had me thinking there was something faintly familiar about each of them.

Coupled with the surge of latent Burtonian glee I realised that we’ve seen most, if not all, of this dysfunctional family before in Burton’s works and here’s what I came up with.

Here’s the original Dark Shadows banner which has been up all over the internet this week,

Click to make me big.

And then here’s my take on who each of the characters remind me of,

Click to make me big too.

Dodgy Photoshop aside I think it’s fairly conclusive don’t you? Either way I’m really looking forward to this one.