All these years later, and the ramifications of the death of Sean Bean’s Ned Stark in the first season of Game of Thrones are still being felt in the show. That shocking moment sent shockwaves through Westeros, and while Ned’s death was as definitive as it gets, speculation has never ceased that he may be brought back in some form in the HBO series.

That was stirred up again earlier this year when rumours surfaced that 13-year-old English actor Sebastian Croft has been cast as a young version of Ned for scenes which may finally shed some light on who Jon Snow’s mother is. It’s also possible then that Bean will be back to reprise the role in flashbacks, especially if some of Game of Thrones’ mysteries are set to finally be revealed. When we asked the actor about returning at the premiere of The Martian earlier this week, his comments and reaction to the question may be very telling indeed.

The surprised reaction from the actor says a lot, and he certainly appears to be caught off guard by the question. Game of Thrones is a show which has seen many characters make surprise returns, and there’s no reason to think Ned Stark couldn’t do the same this year!

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