Why Are You Like This

God Bless Australia. When it comes to comedy they have very little filter, and in times where sensitivity is at all time high, a sitcom such as Why Are You Like This, which ridicules and satirises modern culture, with an affectionate and self-deprecating wit, is just what we need. Arriving on Netflix this weekend, to mark the release of this series, we had the pleasure in speaking to writer/star Naomi Higgins, and fellow actors Olivia Junkeer and Wil King.

We discussed a whole range of themes, from Beyonce at Coachella, to Ru Paul’s Drag Race arriving Down Under. We speak about getting the tricky tone right in the show, and they talk us through some of the most shocking things they had to say, and believe us, there are many to choose from.

Watch the interview in its entirety, here:


Three best friends navigate life in their early 20s — including work, fun, identity politics, hookups, and wild nights — and leave a path of destruction in their wake.

Why Are You Like This launches on Netflix on Friday 16th April.