The latest CGmation to appear on the cinematic horizon is one Hotel Transylvania, and the first pics have been released showing off the latest iteration of several classic movie monsters and some others which are deservedly less classic.

Adam Sandler lends his voice to the film which is directed by Samurai Jackman Genndy Tartakovsky and Sandler is joined by Kevin James, Selena Gomez, Andy Samburg and Fran Drescher, who plays the Bride of Frankenstein (of course). Today we have our first look at what visitors to Hotel Transylvania will have to look forward to.

The director let loose a little on the place itself,

The motto of Hotel Transylvania is that it has been human-free since 1898. This is a place that all his friends can come without being persecuted by humans. They are just trying to live their own lives.

There’s a little more plot detail in the piece from USA Today which unleashed these pics on a waiting, nay salivating, world.

So far, so 21st Century Groovy Ghoulies.

However there was something awfully familiar, as well as just plain awful, about some of the characters here and after a series of fever dreams which included genetic experiements and John Goodman I came up with the following genetic equations which explain exactly who we are seeing.

Was this how they came up with the character design?*



*No. It isn’t.