A couple of days ago, I went along to the Barbican Centre to visit the ‘Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style’ which is there to celebrate 50 years of James Bond. I didn’t know anything about it until my friend Andy saw it on a poster in London and was just as excited to go along as me. Since other Bond fans out there may not be aware of its existence, I thought it would be prudent to get a post written up about it.

Unfortunately no photos are allowed to be taken inside the exhibition so I can’t show you graphical evidence of its awesomeness but suffice it to say that this is a must see for any movie fans or more specifically, Bond fans. Just like Harry Potter Studio Tour, this exhibit will please anyone interested in seeing how these movies are all put together even if you’re not necessarily a fan of the movie(s) in question.

The exhibition is spread over three main sections split into a main overview of all things James Bond looking at the history of the most famous spy in the world and its creator Ian Fleming followed by a Villain room with costumes and props/concept art from all the baddies and ending in ‘The Pit’. I was also pleased to see a section dedicated to the inventor himself who seemed to land on his feet wherever they trod!

The first section is the main bulk of the tour filled to the brim with Bond memorabilia. Everything from the original Golden Gun used by Christopher Lee equipped with 007 branded golden bullet to Odd-Job’s hat is on display. The hat has a funny story behind it after it was given away to a fan. EON had to then pay £60,000 to get it back when it went up for auction years later! The moral of that story ‘hold onto your hats’!

Probably my favourite part of this area was the Quartermass Gadgets section where we get to see many of the clever devices that the various ‘Q’ characters have given to James Bond to help him beat the bad-guys. This area ends with a large room equipped with dozens of costumes worn by goodies, baddies and Bond Girls spanning the last fifty years. And yes, it does include the famous bikinis worn by Ursela Andress and Halle Berry and the swimming shorts worn by both Sean Connery and Daniel Craig.

I haven’t even touched on the mountains of production and concept art that is on display here but if you’re a fan of Bond (and who isn’t?!) you’re going to love this exhibition. One closing point, keep your eyes peeled on your ticket which will be stamped as you go around the exhibit for a little Bond surprise which will all become clear after you reach ‘The Pit’ for the final section which holds the scale model of the Ice Palace from Die Another Day along with other larger props including the cello used as a sled in The Living Daylights.

The Bond Exhibition is at the Barbican Centre until 5th September. Find out more and book tickets on their website here.