Hot on the heels of the clip that we put up last week, Digital Spy have just released the first five minutes if Sean Bean’s new movie, Cleanskin which hits cinemas next Friday 9th March. It seems to be becoming the norm for studios to release large chunks of a movie to reel you into you local multiplex to see more of the movie that you’re hopefully enjoying in small segments. It will of course be a shame if the first five minutes are the best bit. Take Meet Joe Black for example!

Anyway, Cleanskin also stars Charlotte Rampling, Abhin Galeya, Peter Polycarpou and Tuppence Middleton. and is directed by Hadi Hajaig.

Sophisticated British action thriller CLEANSKIN explodes onto cinema screens in March with an exciting cast lead by Sean Bean, who plays Ewan, a Secret Service Agent working undercover in the criminal underbelly of London.  His mission is to pose as the body guard of a small time arms dealer and discover who he is selling the Semtex to.  However, when they are brazenly ambushed by a masked gunman in a West End hotel lobby, Ewan is shot and wounded and the dealer assassinated.  The Semtex is stolen.

We were also on set for this movie what feels like forever ago, check out our report here.

Note: Check out the first five minutes below but please note, clip contains sex AND violence.