I first got to see the trailer for Skateboards and Spandex last year and was very excited to see the final film and after watching it in full, I’m pleased to report it’s as good as I was hoping it to be.

Skateboards and Spandex was made with funds from the UK Film Council / B3 Media and is the brainchild of writer / director Mustapha Kseibati with Michael Berliner producing. The short features a very young and new cast which includes Mohammed Mansaray, Brandon Robinson, Jaipal Babraa, Max Williams, Charlie Preston and Maurisa-Jae Isaac.

Everyone likes a good story where the underdog comes through and wins the day and Skateboards and Spandex is no exception. The short twists and turns in different directions and even the closing scene goes in a different direction to where I thought we’d end up. With awesome performances from all involved, you’re going to love this story which features great original songs, comedy and best of all, revenge on the school bully!

A bullied teenage schoolboy teams up with two misfits to defeat the bully and win a girl’s heart in a classic tale of overcoming the monster. Napoleon Dynamite meets The Goonies, in an 80’s inspired kids comedy with a 21st century twist.”

The film was made with the support of the UK Film Council and B3 Media and was produced by Michael Berliner who just racked up over a million hits for his viral sensation ‘School Portrait’.

“I wanted to make a film about a group of inner city kids facing bullying but I wanted to do it in a  fun way that didn’t ram a message down kids throats. It has references to ‘Back to the Future’, ‘The Karate Kid’, ‘Star Trek’ and even has a montage inspired by the awesome Construction scene from Joe Dante’s ‘The Explorers’.  I wanted the film to have that special 80’s movie magic.  I love films that have Action and Adventure but most importantly heart and I want to apply that to fresh British stories at home.” – Writer/ Director Mustapha Kseibati.

Painkiller premieres in 2012 and has featured in Indiewire and received a glowing review in the BFI’s Sight and Sound Magazine by The Guardian’s Nick Bradshaw recently.

Mustapha is currently developing a British Horror/ Comedy Action-Adventure feature film along with  a British Supernatural Comedy. He is also trying to make a short film called ‘Mohammed’ that’s a “Rain Man meets Superbad” and is being mentored by Paul Andrew Williams on the prestigious UK film mentoring scheme, Guiding Lights along with Michael Berliner who is being mentored by Mark Herbert, Executive Producer of Warp Films.

If you missed it back in December, check out the trailer for Mustapha Kseibati and Michael Berliner’s new movie Painkiller, which we’re also very excited to see.

Have a watch of the short in full below and let us know what you think in the comments section.