It looks like Warner Bros. are getting into the business of making films about geniuses. Just last week, news came that the studio had picked up The Imitation Game, revolving around real-life genius Alan Turing, with an eye for Leonardo DiCaprio to lead the cast and Ron Howard to helm the film.

Word now comes via Deadline that the studio has also picked up The Accidental Genius, from a pitch by Adam Gibgot, for Robert Downey, Jr. and wife Susan Downey to produce under their Team Downey shingle.

β€œIn the drama, an ordinary man awakens from a coma with astonishing intelligence, and visions of a bizarre symbol recognized only by a burnt-out prodigy. Together, the two men set out to solve a hundred-year-old mystery that could change the world.”

Producing alongside Downey, Jr. and his wife will be Ben Silverman (the US version of The Office), and Gibgot will executive produce along with David Gambino, who was very recently announced as working with Downey, Jr. on devising the story for the Perry Mason film adaptation.

As yet, Downey, Jr. is attached to the project just as a producer. However, the role of the accidental genius does sound like a pretty perfect fit for the actor, and we could well – and hopefully will – see the role filled by the man himself in the coming weeks or months. Fingers crossed. The more screen-time we get with Downey, Jr. the better.