If you’ve kept up with the trailers for 11-11-11 then you’ll know what to expect with this one.

The convergence of the date and time to include all the elenves possible is a ripe time for the Devil to walk amongst us and for everyone to have a really bad day (and it’s a Friday too which is irritating if you’re waiting for the weekend) and this film weaves its story around the eleventh gate of Hell opening at the alloted time and nastiness to ensue.

11-11-11 is written and directed by  Darren Lynn Bousman and stars Todd Bridges?, Michael Landes?, Wendy Glenn, Timothy Gibbs and is teased in a new trailer below, which continues themes of fire and burning and people shouting.

Bousman is currently at work on a Jersey Devil movie called The Barrens with Stephen Moyer which is due out next year. If 11-11-11 does the business then I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more about this film next year.

STYD had the bloody exclusive and I need to issue a RUDE WORD alert as there is a rude word here. As you’d expect for a film of this nature I suppose. Still – consider yourselves warned.