This is a damn shame. I, and I know many of you, were looking forward to catching up with a silver haired Gordon Gekko waltzing out of prison and back onto Wall Street nearly a quarter of a decade later, to take stock of a changed world and sink his mendacious claws into another up and coming financial whizz kid.

Now it looks as though we’ll have to wait a further five months to find out if Greed is still Good, as it’s been announced that Fox has pushed the release date of the film from April 23rd to September the 24th.

Now, there could be many reasons this has happened, but I doubt there will be re-shoots as is being rumoured, nor do the other films released on those dates offer any insight as to why the move has taken place but I’m a little sad that we won’t get to join Oliver Stone revisit an old friend until the Autumn.

If you’re not sold on this revisiting just yet, have a look at the trailers here and here.