We’re still annoyed that Oliver Stone’s return to Wall Street was delayed from its original May release date, but October 8th isn’t too far away and we’ve now got a new poster to make those summer months fly by.

Wall http://onhealthy.net/product-category/anti-herpes/ Street: Money Never Sleeps is the latest in a long line of franchise revisitings, and like the recent Kingdom of the Crystal Skull returning to the world of the iconic 80s film is a far better use of time and money than a straight up reboot or remake.

We were lucky enough to be able to see Wall Street: Money Never Sleep when it premiered at Cannes last month and you can read our review here and there are a number of trailers and clips here. Personally I can’t wait to see Michael Douglas back on Wall Street and you can bet Oliver Stone has a lot to say about the nature of greed in the 21st century.

Here’s the new poster, which is a German one, and it has two big faces on it. Ominous, eh?

This pretty picture came all the way from FilmOFilia.