The brutal and brilliant two parter Mesrine is released in the US at the end of August.

While we in Europe have had the pleasure of these films for a while now leading man Vincent Cassel is doing the promotional rounds stateside and has been talking up his future projects.

Unsurprisingly it is his English language films Cassel discusses and top of the list is the sequel to the 2007 Cronenberg film, Eastern Promises.

In talks with The Playlist Cassel gave an update on the film,

I sure hope [it happens]. There’s a script, David Cronenberg wants to do it. The script is really good, so hopefully it’s going to go. I think David wants to make another film before [the sequel], but whenever they’re ready, I told them, ‘I’m here.’

I’m dying to do the sequel, and to be honest to work with Viggo Mortensen and David, it’s such an incredible experience.

I think that’s why eventually David wants to do a sequel for the first time in his life. He feels that the characters still have a lot to do together. The script is really good. The part will be happening in Russia.

Head on over to The Playlist and ComingSoon for details of Cassel’s other forthcoming projects.