This is what I’ve been wanting to see for a long time. A really good video interview with Peter Jackson talking about The Hobbit, the mess it’s been in, the seemingly mess it’s still in an how this mess will get resolved! With the movie being greenlit and casting announced, it’s on the way to being made but it’s still in turmoil as to where it going to actually be filmed. It sounds like it’s coming to crunch time and decision needs to me made.

He’s sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss what’s been going on and more specifically, not that the movie has been greenlit, whether it’s going to stay in New Zealand. He thinks it would be ludicrous to move especially when you see the sets that are being built behind him for Gollum’s cave which look rather vast.

There’s been reports that the production could move to the UK but as you’ll see in this video, Warner Bros. are travelling to New Zealand for a meeting on Monday to discuss whether the movie will stay shooting in NZ or move somewhere else.

From EW:

“I don’t know what to say,” he says. “This is where I’m out of my depth … I can talk my way around the movie. But to tell the studio why investing $500 million in our country is a good idea when they’ve just seen the disgusting, frivolous action that’s happened … I literally don’t know what to say to them.” Taking aim at Helen Kelly, the president of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, who has been critical of his handling of the dispute, Jackson’s anger boils over: “How dare you. You are choosing an Australian union over the workers of our country. Stuff her. I don’t care what the hell she says.”

Check out the interview for more info. It’s 16 minutes long but if you’re interested in seeing what’s beein going on and what Jackson thinks about it all, then this is a great watch.

More as we get it.