Yes, it’s another take on Mary Shelley’s classic tale of horror. And while this trailer makes it look and sound like a rock opera (if only…) there’s enough talent on both sides of the camera to make this one watch looking out for.

James McAvoy is our titular protagonist, with Daniel Radcliffe looking bouffant as his assistant Igor. The trailer sets up exactly what you’d expect. Pushing the boundaries of science under cover of darkness and thunder, proving that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Max Landis and Paul McGuigan are the reasons many of us are hoping for something fresh here, the writer and director may have a generic looking trailer to promote their take, but there’s something else at play here. That’s going to be exciting to see.

The film is out in December, here’s your trailer.




Radical scientist Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy) and his equally brilliant protégé Igor Strausman (Daniel Radcliffe) share a noble vision of aiding humanity through their groundbreaking research into immortality. But Victor’s experiments go too far, and his obsession has horrifying consequences. Only Igor can bring his friend back from the brink of madness and save him from his monstrous creation.