In a recent article in The Hollywood Reporter, which looks at the relationship between Marvel and Sony surrounding Sony’s rights to the Spider-Man franchise a few details about its future and planned spin-offs were revealed and how our young Spidey might fit in.

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It’s no secret that Sony’s grip on the web-slinger has proved not too fruitful in the past, but after coming to a deal with Marvel in which Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed that Sony can deal with the business side while Marvel took control of the creative.

 “It really came down to me telling Amy in her office that I think the best thing for this character is: Sony has the rights, that’s not changing,” Feige recalls. “Have Sony pay for the movie, distribute the movie, and market the movie. Just let us make the movie and incorporate him into our universe.”


As we are already aware Tom Hardy will star in Venom which incorporates the Villian, Carnage. Also, another spin-off will come in the form of Silver & Black, no release date has been set as yet but an autumn shoot is planned and it will feature characters Silver Sable and Black Cat. Other projects will focus on Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio. The idea says a studio source, is to build out a world gradually rather than launch one immediately. However, the Spider-Man villain ensemble, Sinister Six has been completely axed.

On the future of Tom Holland as our new neighbourhood hero, we already know he is already contracted for two sequels but their intention is to bring him into the spinoffs and possibly other Marvel films (he is currently shooting Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War).

Also, we can expect to see another Marvel character make an appearance in Spider-Man 2, As with Homecoming we get Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man but it has been made clear it will be a completely different character.

Kevin Feige said “Suddenly this goes from being a third reincarnation and a sixth movie to a first, “It’s the first time Spider-Man gets to interact with the world in which he belongs.”