Upstream-Colour-UK-Quad-PosterBack in 2004, Shane Carruth made his feature debut at Sundance with Primer, hailed by critics as a very strong first film, winnin Carruth two awards at the festival. After hearing nothing from Carruth in the intervening years, he returned to the festival this January with Upstream Colour, a film that has now divided critics and audiences alike for months.

Having had its UK debut at Sundance London back in April, Carruth’s sophomore feature is on the cusp of release on our shores, and the new UK quad poster – bearing the British English spelling of the title, ‘Upstream Colour’, rather than the original American English of ‘Upstream Color’ – has washed up online.

A man and woman are drawn together, entangled in the life cycle of an ageless organism.

Carruth is both in front of and behind the camera, starring alongside Amy Seimetz in the joint leads.

And as you might expect, he’s also directing from his own script, and produces alongside Casey Gooden (Primer) and Ben LeClair (The English Teacher).

Upstream Colour will be arriving in UK cinemas on 30th August, and it’s definitely one not to be missed, if only so that you can form your own opinion on the piece.