With the requisite appearance on the CSI set for the shows next season, Justin Bieber’s acting ambitions seem all but sated.

Deadline is reporting that Paramount are going ahead with plans for a 3D biopic of the young singer.

Set to be directed by An Inconvenient Truth’s Oscar winning Davis Guggenheim, the film will mix performances from the star’s current tour with dramatised scenes from his fleeting life, with Bieber playing himself.

The as-yet-untitled movie is due for release in time for Valentines Day 2011, presumably because nothing says “I love you” like an expensive insight into the life of a 16 year old singing sensation.

UPDATE: It has since been reported that Davis Guggenheim has dropped the Justin Beiber project, presumably so that the eventual biopic can gain another precious plot point in the singers ridiculously brief life. Either that, or Guggenheim underestimated the ripping he’s receive from his peers.