In the early ’90s, the Smallbone family moved from Sydney, Australia to Nashville, Tennessee in pursuit of a new start. David and his wife, Helen, uproot their lives and six children, seeking refuge in Nashville after the collapse of David’s music company in Australia.

As the family settles into their new home, they encounter some challenging situations, including financial and familial struggle. Despite the uncertainty, Helen’s unwavering belief and David’s determination propel them towards success for them and their children.

Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, of famous Christian rock band for KING & COUNTRY, bring us this charming biopic that charters the trial and tribulations of their family’s move to America and their sister’s eventual signing to a reputable record label. 

We spoke to the brothers about what the film meant to them and about it being a love letter to their own unsung hero, their mother Helen. We also talked about the importance of fish based narrative, especially in recent times. We asked director Luke about what not felt like to play his own father in the film and how important it was for him to tell this very personal story.

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