To celebrate the release of Uncle Frank, the new film from Oscar-winning writer Alan Ball, we sat down with some of its cast and its filmmaker to chat about the new road trip film.

Starring alongside Paul Bettany, who plays the title character, are Sophia Lillis (IT) and Peter Macdissi (Six Feet Under) who play Frank’s teenage niece and partner respectively. They both chat about working with Ball and why his grasp on the human condition is so inspiring, why their characters stood out over others they have played, and the joy of working alongside Bettany for the film.

In addition, Ball told us why the timing felt right for him to direct a feature film once again, the personal echoes of the story, and the benefits that may come from the film being available to millions on Amazon Prime over the festive seasons.

You can view the full interviews below:

Uncle Frank is available on Amazon Prime Video from November 25th.