Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in 2009, Revanche is finally set to be released in the UK by Artificial Eye on the 30th April.

Below you can see the new UK trailer for the film.

Written and directed by Gotz Spielmann, Revanche is an Austrian thriller set in the Red Light District of Vienna.

The film looks really good from the trailer and it certainly looks like it will be a gripping thriller but also one with a personal dramatic story at its centre.

In case you are not familiar with the word Revanche, the press notes provide a definition which I have embedded below.

(r-vänch, -väsh) n.
1. The act of retaliating, especially in response to some bad action; revenge.
2. Second attempt to win a game requested by a losing player.
3. A usually political policy, as of a nation or an ethnic group, intended to regain
lost territory or standing.
[French, from Old French revancher, to revenge : re-, re- + vengier, vencher, to
avenge; see revenge.]
Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.