There was nothing subtle about Piranha 3D and the forthcoming sequel seems to be emulating the early 80s video nasty theme down to a tee by having the hastily rushed out Piranha 3DD appear even more gorestrewn, with even smaller bikinis to contain the modesty of the many, many women lining up to be human chow.

So, why are we even talking about this film? It’s certainly not the promised David Hasslehoff cameo, for which he will no doubt don the Baywatch shorts and run fervently down a beach at sunset before being eaten whole by a pack of pernicious piranha, nor is it the role for Gary Busey, last seen in what I can only hope is a viral video relating to this film (just watch it – seriously), no – there are two official posters out in the wild today and they’re actually quite fun.

Evoking the 80s with leg in cheek and chewed leg in small fishy mouth, these new posters came from the people at Bloody Disgusting and Zone Fears. Knowing self-referential marketing, or cynical barrel scraping? Who knows? This film will probably make a mint and we’ll be back here next year for Piranha 3 3D starring Jimmy Krankie and Derek Griffiths. Actually I’d pay to see that…

Here’s the gallery, for bigness simply click