Men in Black 3The second sequel to the 1997 film may have been forgotten under the weight of the other comic book movies due out in 2012 but as Will Smith seemingly hasn’t aged a day and still looks dapper in the last suit he’ll ever wear there’s a chance that Men in Black 3 will surprise the baying crowd of naysayers.

Glossing over the largely forgotten (and with good reason) Men in Black 2 this new film sees a spot of time travelling propel Will Smith’s Agent J back to the 1960s, there to meet up with the Agent K the younger, played by series newcomer Josh Brolin, and defeat some alien something-or-other. Other new faces include Emma Thompson, Alice Eve, Bill Hader and Jemaine Clement.

The film is out on the 25th of May and three new images are on offer this morning, scanned from the next edition of Empire Magazine from the good people at Comic Book Movie. Each one is worth a click. Go nuts.