Friends, the wait is almost over. In a small number of days we’ll get to enjoy Colin Trevorrow’s phenomenal rise to the giddy heights of the summer blockbuster with the release of Jurassic World.

You know the story, which hopefully won’t stay too closely to the park visits thus far, and from everything we’ve seen the film will play on our expectations of what’s to come. It, like us, remembers what happened in the late ’90s.

There are two clips below from the film, one ripped from the TV so the quality isn’t great, but it still gives you a great idea of what’s in store.

We’ve just wrapped our one on one interviews with Colin Trevorrow and the cast of Jurassic World, look for those to go live next week, in the meantime – the waiting is almost over. Welcome to Jurassic World.

h/t to The Playlist.