Anything which has the involvement of the legendary Studio Ghibli will always worth taking notice of, and their gaming collaboration with software developers Level-5 is looking better than ever.

Ni No Kuni (Second Land) is a role playing game being developed for the Nintendo DS and PS3 with the two consoles sharing the same game world (and alternate world) but with the two games having different storylines. Players will take control of the teenage Oliver who loses his mother and then inherits a book which allows him to step into a parallel world and rescue his mother’s spirit.

We’ve seen a few images and some truly astonishing gameplay footage, in particular the PS3 has the look and feel of a Ghibli animation and there’s a new TV spot which is embedded below which teases a few more set pieces. This DS game is due to hit stores in Japan in early December while the PS3 version is due out some time next year.

Here’s the spot,

There’s also a look at the Nintendo DS box art which has shades of Secret of Mana to it, as well as a look at the book,

Go Nintendo threw the spotlight on this one for us.