Since Trials: Evolutions launched a month ago on Xbox Live Arcade it has accumulated over 500,000 players on its leaderboards in addition to sporting a top flight aggregate score of 91 on Metacritic.  Also the game’s robust level editor has garnered over 60,000 unique creations in addition to the content available within the game.

RedLynx’s Managing Director, Tero Virtala, had a few things to say about this incredible milestone:

“To date, players have created more than 60,000 custom tracks and skill games, using the exact same editor we used to build our own levels within the game,”

“Those same players have recorded more than one million entries on custom Leaderboards associated with user-created tracks; they have given more than 800,000 reviews of UGC within Track Central.”

“With right type of social features, tools and support for user-generated content, the traditional gaming terms like “amount of content”, “play-through time” and “value for money” get a whole new meaning.  There are going to be a number of fast-evolving game market segments, but what we have now seen in the console-space, is definitely a glimpse of the future of gaming,”

It is refreshing to see this kind of community involvement, especially from an XBLA title.  If you haven’t played Trials: Evolution yet, there is really no better time to get in on the action.  The game has plenty to do right out of the digital box, but the inclusion of 60,000 user-generated levels will give you more Trials than you can ever hope to accomplish.  User-generated content is continuing to gain popularity on consoles and if Trials: Evolution is indicative of anything, XBLA users have shown, that if the tools are available – people will utilize them.