The Dark Knight Rises posterJust when you thought it was safe to go to bed, Warner Bros. release this brand new US poster for The Dark Knight Rises. It features Batman (Christian Bale) with the now recognisable but still very cool Batman logo made out of exploding building that we saw in the original poster so many months ago and follows a couple of others which Kenji put up over the weekend. Now it’s only a few months until the movie is released in cinemas and we, like everyone else are very excited about it!

This comes courtesy of the movie’s Facebook page. ‘The legend ends July 20th’ in the US and UK.

[Update: The official website has been updated with a full-size version of the poster, so you can click it to make it go even bigger!]

The Dark Knight Rises poster

  • Bat(ty)Man


  • MrRocking

    By explosive you mean rubbish, right?

  • It seems to have split the vote. On Twitter, some think it’s great, others terrible (or lazy). I have to admit, I quite like it. DS

  • MrRocking

    I smell the marketing madness of the Avengers Assemble nonsense. I’ve yet to hear any one call it Avengers Assemble because it’s a clunky title.

    This poster is a reaction. Someone has decided that the elegant initial design didn’t tell the story and that they should attempt to compete with Avengers by having a more “action oriented” poster

    As far as artless goes that image is the very definition.

    Panic, take unrelated elements, slap them together, sit back, hope no-one notices how awful it is.