Starting May 15th for anyone pre-ordering Hitman: Absolution at GameStop will get an exclusive standalone experience, Hitman: Sniper Challenge.  This pre-order initiative from Square Enix allows players to don the suit early and partake in a timed mission to eliminate the CEO of Stallion Armaments, Richard Strong.

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Those skilled enough will be rewarded with score multipliers, hidden secrets and equipment upgrades as they uncover the most creative and brutal ways to fulfill their contract.  Additionally, the high-powered Kazo TRG sniper rifle used in the challenge can be carried over into the main game along with all the “Sniper Challenge” upgrades and unlockables earned.

The inclusion of leaderboard support with monthly prizes for Hitman: Sniper Challenge will keep competition fierce and excitement for Absolution high leading up until the game’s launch in November.  Speaking of prizes, if you fancy a trip to Denmark to meet the developers of Hitman: Absolution and have your likeness in the next Hitman game, make sure your name is atop that leaderboard come launch time.

Customers who pre-order Hitman: Absolution will have access to Hitman: Sniper Challenge starting May 15th through Xbox Live and Playstation Network.  PC players will receive access to the bonus through Steam, but will have to wait until August 1st.