During my morning coffee and my customary internet retail perusing I came across something very bizarre.  At first I thought it was an isolated incident, but after further investigation came to find out that what I had saw had been repeated.  Amazon has a few listings up for Wii U games that are currently available for pre-order, third party titles such as Assassin’s Creed 3 and ZombieU are listed for .99, but first party titles including Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, and New Super Mario Bros. U were listed for .99.  I know there has been no pricing structure established for the Wii U hardware, let alone the software, but this is something, mistake or not, that I couldn’t overlook.  This begs the question; will Wii U titles cost 0?

Amazon’s First Party Wii U listings

I wanted to see if any other retailers had Wii U game prices listed so I poked around the web a little bit.  The next stop on my search was GameStop’s website and they had multiple listings as well, but they had every game listed at $99.99, including the third party titles that Amazon had listed for $59.99.  I popped over to Best Buy and New Egg and neither site had prices listed for Wii U games.

GameStop’s Wii U listings, all $99.99

These prices haven’t been confirmed or denied by Nintendo and its supporting publishers, so for right now this is purely speculation.  I know most retailers just throw out a price to round out a pre-order listing, but it just seems odd that more than one retailer would present such a price unsubstantiated.  I sincerely hope that games for Nintendo’s new console do not cost $100 because frankly that wouldn’t bode well for the system’s success.  I will continue to look into this pricing scheme, but until then stay tuned for more Wii U news here at HeyUGuys Gaming.