Mary Todd Lincoln really brings the humanity to the film and grounds not only the story but Abraham Lincoln himself in reality.  She is unflinching and calls out Abe’s honesty in a particularly emotion scene towards the end of the film that resonates in a major way till the end of the film.  Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays the first lady and getting a chance to interview her was an opportunity I took with a smile on my face.

One of my favourite films of the last 5 years is Edgar Wrights Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Winstead plays the title characters love interest Ramona Flowers to a perfect level of geek adoration that has sealed her as someone I need to watch from this point forward.  She’s pretty, talented and looks like she’s having fun no matter what role she’s filling. In fact it made me a bit sad when Mary Todd didn’t pick up an axe of her own considering we know Winstead knows how to handle a weapon. Trying not to gush all over her for the part she played in Scott Pilgrims’s epicness, we stayed on topic.

We talked about the importance of audiences seeing their leader actually physically fighting for their safety and how she thinks folks will react to her character calling out Abe on some of his less than honest moments.

She has a smaller roll than I’d like to see but she uses it wisely. Enjoy my chat with Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is in cinemas today!

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