All the way from comes the latest trailer for Kevin Smith’s dalliance with all things devil and this is the clearest look at what Smith has been touring the States with for the past few months.

We were hoping to have seen the film by now but a last minute intervention from the director called a halt on our Red Stating, however Empire’s Big Screen event will be showing so if you’re in the UK and fancy a sneak peek at Smodcast Pictures’ latest then the 02 arena on the 12th of August is your best bet.

The first trailer for Red State had the disquieting tones of Michael Parks as the Phelpsian preacher talking over a series of quick shots from the film. This new trailer gives far more away and we get to see the tricky predicament three teenaged boys on the look out for a boozy good time end up in. They’ll get to know people biblically, just not in the way they thought.

John Goodman, Melissa Leo and Kevin Pollak are glimsped here and Goodman had me sold on the film which is due out at the end of September here in the UK.

Due to a cavalcade of swearing it’s not safe for work, unless you work in a particularly cool place.

Trailer on.