Future X-Cops is the new film directed by Wong Jing and starring Andy Lau. For those fans of Hong Kong cinema you will probably already be familiar with Andy Lau and Wong Jing but for those that are not I can recommend God of Gamblers (Wong Jing) and Infernal Affairs (starring Andy Lau and Tony Leung) as good places to start if you are interested.

Wong Jing is a prolific director and one whose films are often ridiculous and slightly demented but also very enjoyable (the God of Gambler films were some of my favourite films as a teenager) and this year sees the release of his new science fiction film, Future X-Cops. Reportedly costing million the film looks pretty insane, with ludicrous special effects and very cheesy action sequences. This will certainly not be a cinematic masterpiece but I’m a sucker for this kind of light hearted cheesy genre cinema and hopefully you are to. I know this trailer is bad, I know the film looks terrible but I still can’t wait to see it, it just looks so fun.

Check out the synopsis, posters and trailer (courtesy of Twitch) and see what you think.

A cop goes back in time to the present to protect a scientist who holds the key to mankind’s future.

In the future, scientist DR MASTERSON averts an energy crisis that threatens the existence of mankind by developing a solar substitute. In doing so he unleashes the wrath of a ruthless oil cartel who dispatch a team of half human, half machine hit men to assassinate him. Policeman ANDY (Andy Lau) is assigned to protect Dr. Masterson and repels the assassination attempt, but his wife MILLIE (BingBing Fan) and cyborg captain KALON’s (Louis Fan) younger brother are killed during the battle. Andy and Kalon both vow revenge.

Still determined to regain control of the world’s energy, the cartel send Kalon and his cyborgs back in time to the present to kill Dr. Masterson as a teenager. Now with the fate of the future in his hands, Andy must follow the assassins back in time to protect the future savior of planet earth. But the only way he stands a chance against the super powered cyborgs is to relinquish his humanity and become one of them.

Future X-Cops is released in China on March 30th.