Here’s the first trailer, poster and images from a new movie starring Audrey Tautou called Beautiful Lies. It’s directed by Pierre Salvadori, also stars Nathalie Baye, Jean Sami Bouajila, Sylvia Stéphanie Lagarde,, Judith Chemla, Cécile Boland, Didier Brice and is released in the UK 12th August.

30-year-old Emilie runs a hairdressing salon, and provides an endless stream of well-meaning advice to her clients and friends…

Sadly the one person she can’t seem to help is Maddy, her mother, who has given up the will to live since being left by her husband, who is now getting married to a much younger woman.

Jean, a young man who works for Emilie is secretly in love with her but a pathological shyness prevents him from declaring his feelings. Finally, unable to contain himself, he opens his heart in a passionate anonymous letter.

Emilie, entirely untouched by this secret confession love letter expresses her disinterest by throwing away the letter in front of the bashful Jean; But later, terrified to see her mother slipping deeper and deeper into despair, Emilie concocts a crazy plan: she’ll change the name at the top of the letter and send it to Maddy.

Deeply touched by this beautiful declaration of love, Maddy rediscovers the will to live and begins to watch for the mail. While she’s over the moon to see her mother returning to life, Emile is fully aware of the problems that lie ahead. Not only must she supply Maddy with more love letters, she must also find someone willing to play the author.