leaves of grassEdward Norton is an actor who is always interesting to watch, and his dual role in Tim Blake Nelson’s Leaves of Grass looks to be another fine prospect.

Not a Walt Whitman ‘Bright Star’ type biopic, Leaves of Grass sees Norton joined by Susan Sarandon, Richard Dreyfuss and Melanie Lynskey for this pharmaceutical comedy which sees Norton play twin brothers whose lives took a divergent turn, one who leaves their hometown for the academic heights of the Ivy League and the other who stays behind to deal drugs. The trailer has found its way online and is available below (please note it contains swearing).

Hoisted back to his hometown by some tragic news the brothers reunite to deal with small town drug lords, the fragmentation of the family and a whole lot of green. What seems an Adaptation inspired movie, Leaves of Grass has a great cast and looks to make the most of them.

One to watch.