Grave Encounters 2The first Grave Encounters film was in danger of being lost in the slew of found footage, first person horror films and yet The Vicious Brothers threw enough good ideas into the mix to keep the interest up.

The film had a number of great images and a very interesting idea which kicks in about halfway through which gave the film an edge over its many bedfellows. So, while a sequel isn’t a huge surprise what was see here in the first trailer seems to suggest they are going over old ground with a twist, albeit one we’ve seen before.

The premise is that a group of fans of the first film set out to shoot a documentary in the film’s location, and of course bad things happen. As I said this is not a new trick The oft-forgotten Book of Shadows, AKA Blair Witch 2, used exactly the same premise, although it didn’t reuse the found footage gimmick and wasn’t a huge success. Here’s hoping Grave Encounters 2 is as much fun as its forbear, and tries to do something as interesting with the coventions of the genre.

The trailer, brought to you from Shock Till You Drop, does contain a few spoilery moments.