Fans of Michel Gondry’s surrealistic visions have waited a long time to see this film, and now we’ve got a trailer of The Thorn in The Heart (L’Epine Dans Le Coeur) to enjoy.

Filmed last year and appearing in the Cannes film festival of 2009 this film follows Gondry’s aunt Suzette around their rural French town, and watching the awkward unfolding of her relationship with her son, Gondry’s cousin, Jean-Yves.

Documentaries focusing on the family of the film maker run the risk of being of interest only to those who know them, the cinema audiences relegated to voyeurs watching from the garden fence, however this was never going to be an ordinary movie. Not when the film maker is Michel Gondry.

Even this trailer mixes the mundane verisimilitude of a domestic documentary but there are flashes of Gondry’s beautifully skewed take on the world in this short clip. No word on the UK release date, if there is to be one at all, but Gondry’s output is always emotionally interesting, so this may be one to watch.

This one came our way via TotalFilm and Trailer Addict