Slash Film has had a peek at Disney and Pixar’s drive to earn Toy Story 3 a place within the Best Picture category for next year’s Academy Awards.

The fun riff on previous winners of the award (images are below) clearly sets out what Walt Disney Studios Chairman Rich Ross is looking to achieve:

“For some reason an animated film has never gotten Best Picture and I always wondered was there not an appetite? We decided this year we have the biggest and best reviewed film of the year. If not this year, and not this movie, when?”

It’s understandable what the company would want to try and push for the Best Picture award rather than Best Animated Feature. As well as receiving an almost unanimous critical thumbs-up (as illustrated in The Return of the King homage) the film itself delivers an emotional and storytelling quality that has been seldom seen in any live-action Hollywood features of this year.

Mounting such an imaginative and engaging campaign as this, and with previous winners (including the likes of The Godfather Part II, On The Waterfront, The Silence Of The Lambs, Titanic, and Forrest Gump) factoring into this drive in the coming months, Disney and Pixar must be confident that the grand prize could be within their reach.