Yet another classic toy/cartoon franchise is heading to the big screen if a new report is to be believed, but this one sounds like it could be the most fun of them all. Tracking Board reveals that Mattel has teamed up with Solipsist Film to put Dino-Riders into active development!

Alissa Phillips and Stephen L’Heureux are producing the project which, if it follows the animated series and popular toy line, will be set during a futuristic war where the evolved human race known as the Valorians are trying to save the galaxy from Krulos and his army of mixed-species Rulons. In an effort to escape a Rulon onslaught, Questar, the leader of the Valorians, turns on a machine that takes them all back in time to prehistoric Earth. Once there, the war continues with the Valorians using their psychic abilities to convince dinosaurs to aid them, and the Rulons using machinery to enslave dinosaurs to fight for them.

Basically, it’s going to be a movie featuring cybernetically enhanced dinosaurs kicking ass!

Don’t get too excited just yet though as it sounds like Dino-Riders is still in the very early stages of development as it doesn’t have a script and has yet to find a studio to call home.

That aside, and it definitely sounds like this has the potential to be a hit. While the original Dino-Riders lasted only 14 episodes, the movie – which will apparently be aimed at the family demographic, with a strong action-adventure storyline – sounds like a mashup of Transformers and Jurassic World, two franchises with releases which have grossed over $1 billion! For that reason, it’s easy to see why the toy company are keen to get this made.