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The post-apocalyptic Earth is a well used story device in all forms of entertainment, from literature to video games, and, of course, movies. After Earth is about to hit cinemas, M. Night Shyamalan’s contribution to the genre. It sees Will Smith and son Jaden playing a father and son that crash-land on an Earth long abandoned, where they must fight for survival.

It doesn’t look the most appealing of holiday destinations, in line with most other movies that deal with this subject. In honour of this latest entry, it’s a good time to take a look at the top ten post-apocalyptic Earthscapes.

Welcome to your post-apocalyptic travel guide…


children of men

10. Children of Men

Why not visit Earth?

If you are feeling tired, and the labours of parenthood are getting you down, you’ve come to the right place. Our Earth is a strictly child-free  zone. Our population has been rapidly decreasing, so there are plenty of abandoned spaces for you to explore and enjoy. For the art-lover, we have a large art archive to explore, and you’ll delight in discovering the ruins of our planet’s schools. Also, if you are able to make the trip, there are the occasional boat trips on offer.

Be sure to remember your passport and travel papers, however, if you want to avoid trouble. The refugee camps don’t offer the nicest of accommodation, and can be a little overcrowded. We’re entering a period of civil unrest, with possible revolution lurking around the corner. If you do run into problems, hide out in one of the scattered communes. Just don’t pull anyone’s finger.

No birth-control necessary.

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  • Nice one. I have always loved this type of film, as it’s interesting
    to see what others think humanity will become. Escape from New York is
    one of my favourite films, outright, so I was glad to see it there. Pray
    the remake never sees the light of day.

  • Ian Gilchrist

    Good to see the underrated Twelve Monkeys and Wall-E in here.