Tom-Cruise-in-Top-GunOver two and a half decades ago, the late Tony Scott’s Top Gun soared to the top of the box office and became the #1 film of 1986, grossing over $350m. around the world. We heard last month that the studio are officially releasing Top Gun 3D in IMAX theatres next month, and now the first trailer has gone online.

Debuting over at Yahoo Movies, we can rewind the clocks with a much younger-looking Tom Cruise in the lead as Maverick, getting to see him once more ahead of his three-dimensional big screen debut next month.

“TOP GUN was re-mastered for the big screen from high-resolution original negative scans and painstakingly converted to 3D by Legend3D under the supervision of the film’s director, Tony Scott. Rendered in 3D, the film’s complex, long shots reveal extraordinary depth and clarity, allowing viewers to explore every detail of the action. From the spectacular aerial dogfights to the intense close-ups in the cockpits, each frame enables the audience to feel a part of the story.

The story of an elite group of pilots competing to be the best in their class and earn the title of “TOP GUN” captured the imagination of a generation and earned a worldwide box office of over $350 million upon its release.”

Cruise is of course joined by Anthony Edwards as Goose, with Kelly McGillis, Meg Ryan, Val Kilmer, Rick Rossovich, Tony Skerritt, and Tim Robbins completing the cast nicely.

As you’ll no doubt already know, the late Tony Scott was behind the camera here back in the ’80s, directing from a script co-written by Jim Cash and Jack Epps, Jr., both making their feature debuts as writers.

Top Gun 3D will be released in regular and IMAX theatres in the US next month on 8th February. It will then be released on Blu-ray 3D on 19th February, and is sure to be a favourite in the charts when it lands. (No pun intended.) For now, here’s the first trailer to get the adrenaline rising once more. Enjoy.