Toni Collette has been set as the lead for the upcoming comedy from ‘Twilight’ helmer Catherine Hardwicke, ‘A French Pursuit.’

Based on the French box office hit ‘Antoinette Dans Les Cévennes‘, the project is a heartwarming tale of a free-spirited woman on a journey of self-discovery as she pursues love.

The synopsis reads; “Zoe thus embarks on a daring pursuit of Jean-Louis in the picturesque Cévennes deep in the South of France. Accompanied by the determined donkey Napoleon, Zoe grapples with the absurdities and challenges of their journey. Along the way, they encounter new friends and perils that draw them closer, prompting Zoe to reevaluate her priorities, confront her life choices, and rediscover her joie de vivre.”

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Collette will take on the role of Zoe Turner, an unconventional and lively British art teacher who is head over heels for fellow rebel spirit Jean-Louis. But when their plans for a romantic getaway are dashed, she’s heartbroken.

The movie marks the third partnership between Collette, Hardwicke and Christopher Simon, who produces via New Sparta Productions alongside Collette with her Vocab Films production shingle. The three previously worked together on ‘Miss You Already’ and, most recently, ‘Mafia Mamma.’