The hunt for Marvel’s Spider-Man kept comic book fans transfixed earlier this year, and their choice of In the Heart of the Sea’s Tom Holland for this younger Peter Parker ended up being very well-received. We’ll first see him in action as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spidey in Captain America: Civil War next year before he swings into his own solo outing come 2017.

When we caught up with the British actor to ask him about taking on the role of this iconic superhero, he gave us the scoop on receiving advice from Thor star Chris Hemsworth, getting ready for the fame which will come out of playing Spider-Man, and a nasty sounding injury which occurred while he was shooting what sounds like a very big scene for Civil War.

“No, no violence. It was my own mistake. I basically fell over and bashed my face in front of about two hundred crew members, so not my most heroic moment! It was luckily just before my last shot; they were like, ‘Roll cameras!’, I was getting into position, everything went wrong, and they still did the take anyway. It looks great and they’ll probably just CGI out all the blood, and yeah, I was very lucky.”

Holland also confirms that he’ll be taking inspiration from the previous Spider-Man movies (which starred Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield), but after praising the performances of those two, he goes on to emphasise his desire to deliver a take on Peter Parker which is “new and exciting” to moviegoers. Based on what we’ve so far heard about the character, that will definitely be the case when he meets Captain America and Iron Man next year.

For now, be sure to listen to Holland’s comments in full by watching the interview below!