Having seen, and thoroughly enjoyed Kong: Skull Island, its tone is undeniable – an irreverent, unashamedly playful picture with a commitment to pure entertainment. What is somewhat more ambiguous, however, is how Thor: Ragnarok will play out, welcoming Taika Waititi to the helm, in what is anticipated to be a more comedically inclined endeavour for Marvel. Naturally when we sat down with Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki, we couldn’t help but quiz him on the issue.

“Taika has a huge heart and he”s so precise, he’s a uniquely hilarious individual with a great warm hearted spirit, but he’s also very precise about depth and emotion when its needed, so i think it will have a perfect balance,” he said. “Certainly when we were shooting it had this wonderful irreverence which I think he brings, but at the same time Ragnarok is about destroying what exists and creating something new and he’s certainly done that.”

Tom Hiddleston Interview - Kong: Skull IslandIn Kong, Hiddleston plays James Conrad, a volatile explorer who leads a group of soldiers and scientists to Skull Island – and he discusses the similarities between shooting a huge blockbuster of this nature to the craft of theatre acting, and whether or not he got a sore neck from constantly looking up at the eponymous ape.

He also went to talk about how much he enjoys watching these movies back given they come to life in post-production, and what he feels the Vietnam setting adds to the narrative at hand.

Kong: Skull Island is released in UK cinemas on March 9th. You can read our review of the film here.