Yes, this is another ‘list of potential actors in line for a future project’ post – seemingly part of every forthcoming film’s early marketing sweep these days but it’s a slow news night and Tom Hardy is involved so it’s worth reading.

The story so far. Over a year ago we heard that there was to be a remake of Total Recall which adapted the Philip K. Dick story ‘We Can Remember It for you Wholesale’ in 1990 with Paul Verhoeven directing Arnold Schwarzenegger and a triple breasted alien barfly.  Then Kurt Wimmer stepped in to turn in the script and a few months later Underworld and Die Hard 4.0 man Len Wiseman was announced as the director.

So far, so what? Tonight THR have thrust three names in our faces and as with any stories of this kind we automatically envisage the potential movie with the actors in place. So time to imagine Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender or Tom Hardy filling Schwarzenegger’s sizable boots as the (possible) secret agent on (maybe) Mars, who helps (or not) overthrow the corrupt forces.

Hardy and Fassbender have acquitted themselves handsomely recently and work with Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino respectively have done much for their public profile and Farrell’s recent time In Bruges and forthcoming turn in the 3D Fright Night remake should help the Total Remake project, if he signs on. THR have Farrell as the main contender and with a March shoot planned you can bet we’ll hear an announcement soon.