Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy - Mad Max 4Tom Hardy will have done himself a lot of favours taking on the role of Charles Bronson in the movie biopic about the infamous British criminal. Although the movie was a hard watch at times, Hardy’s performance was exceptional. He put on so much muscle for the movie that he looked like a different person. Personally I think it’ll only be a matter of time before he’s Hollywood leading man material. Which is why this news comes as no surprise to me.

E! Online have reported today that ‘multiple sources tell E! News that the Oscar-winning babe (Charlize Theron) is director George Miller’s pick to play the lead female role in the upcoming, Mad Max 4.’ They go on to talk about Tom Hardy, being looked at as a possible lead.

I guess Mel Gibson is too old now but it would have been nice to see him back. Hardy is a fine choice and as I said above, after watching his performance in Bronson, I believe he could play any role as Bronson’s character was a complete mash-up of different consciousness anyway! More info as we get it.

You can buy Bronson on DVD here if you want to check it out.