Pinewood Studios ExpansionVariety have reported today that Pinewood Studios £200m expansion plan has been rejected. South Buckinghamshire District Council rejected plans to create several permanent film sets on 110 acres  of land due to local opposition’s complaints about building on a green belt. The sets who have included re-creations of San Francisco, New York’s Tribeca neighborhood, New Orleans, Venice’s Canale Grande, Berlin and Montmartre in Paris and 1400 homes.

Variety report:

Jacquetta Lowen-Cooper, chair of the council’s planning committee, said, “To have allowed this development of more than 110 acres in the greenbelt and Colne Valley Park would not only have caused significant degradation to the local environment and quality of life of local residents but would also have set a precedent, potentially undermining the council’s future ability to resist inappropriate greenbelt developments elsewhere in the district.”

This will be a big blow to the UK leading Film Studios in a time where making films in the UK has become increasingly popular. Movies most recently shot there include Clash of the Titans, Moon, Quantum of Solace and The Dark Knight.

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