Two of Hanks’ previous films inform us as to what may lie ahead in his career. The last time he wrote and directed was That Thing You Do fourteen years ago, and while Hanks starred in that he wasn’t the leading character.

It was a moderate success and certainly captured a peppy, annoying sort of optimism in the music, particularly the title track. But Hanks proved himself a capable, if not stylistically overt, director and the news from Deadline Hollywood that he is to write, direct and star in Larry Crowne, a comedy about a man looking to navigate the second act of his life.

The overlooked Aaron Sorkin scripted Charlie Wilson’s War is the other film that springs to mind on hearing this news as it was his chemistry with the other star of the forthcoming Larry Crowne, Julia Roberts, that made for some of the more enjoyable moments of Mike Nichols 2007 film.

The film is written and with Hanks doing a one-man-band act they’ll be no problems in drawing in the crowds and as the film rolls into production in April they’ll be more news on its way I’m sure.