Tom Cruise is now 55 years of age so perhaps he’s getting a little too old to perform his own stunts? The actor is, of course, famed for taking huge risks and those have become a staple of the Mission: Impossible movies – and his other projects – over the past few years.

However, as he shot what appeared to be a relatively straightforward leap between two buildings, Cruise ended up falling short of the necessary distance and injured himself.

The actor managed to pull himself onto the building’s roof but started limping heavily and appeared to nearly collapse. He was then taken away from the scene still limping heavily and it’s unclear whether he’s been badly injured or was simply winded and needed a break.

Cruise has already performed quite a few stunts for Mission: Impossible 6, including driving a motorbike into a car in Paris and parachuting in the UK. It remains to be seen if he’ll do anything as crazy as hanging off the side of a plane or scaling the world’s tallest building, though! Either way, this fall could bring an end to the actor attempting his own stunts.

We’ll find for sure out when Mission: Impossible 6 is released on July 27th, 2018.