Though Sally Potter’s The Party takes a barbed, farcical look into British politics, resulting in a consistently funny piece of cinema – there is a dramatic core to the piece, and it’s utilised primarily through the characters portrayed by Timothy Spall and Cillian Murphy – and we sat down with the pair to discuss this entertaining endeavour.

The duo speak to us about their own approach to the parts, and whether they seem them on dramatic terms, and what a joy it was to collaborate with such an impressive cast, which also consists of the likes of Kristin Scott Thomas and Patricia Clarkson. They also tell us what it was like on set when the results of the Brexit referendum came in, and we ask Murphy about his role in Luc Besson’s next picture Anna.

Watch the full interview below…


After she receives a promotion and becomes the secretary of health, a British cabinet politician and her academic husband host a soiree for the political and intellectual elite that ends with blood on the floor.

The Party is released on October 13th, and you can read our review of the film here.